TSWEB Connection Through CISCO SSL VPN

I think Microsoft make things difficult so you'll be forced to use there crap for every solution. Is it just me?

This concept should apply to those of you having trouble with TSWEB and SSH tunnels too, but I have not tested that. To get a TSWEB RDP session working through an SSL tunnel follow the instructions below. Make a backup of any file you edit or you may be sorry.

1.) On the Windows server, edit C:\windows\tsweb\default.htm. find Column 4 and add the following line:

   < br > & nbsp ; & nbsp ; <input type="text" name="Server" value="" size="41" id="editServer">

Next, search for "ButtonLogin" and change BtnConnect after OnClick= to BtnConnect() as seen in the example below which should also be one line:

  <input type="submit" id=connectbutton value="Connect" disabled="TRUE" name="ButtonLogin" OnClick=BtnConnect() class="button">

2.) Add a patch to allow the RDP through port forwarding; find the section that reads Device redirection options. After the line MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings2.RedirectSmartCards = FALSE add the text below as a new line above the line 'FullScreen title:

  MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings2.RDPPort = 3390

We are done with the Terminal Server.

3.) On the CISCO VPN concentrator. Navigate to Configuration, Tunneling and Security, WebVPN, Port Forwarding. Click Add and complete the form. Add a port forwarding entry for Application Access as follows:

  Name: RDP (or whatever you want) 
  Local TCP Port: 3390 
  Remote Server: IP Address of your TS server on your LAN 
  Remote TCP Port: 3389

1.) Create an http shortcut on the concentrator.
2.) Navigate to Configuration, Tunneling and Security, WebVPN, Servers and URLs.
3.) Complete the form and enter http://yourterminalserverIP/tsweb in the field named Remote.
Now all the user needs to do is launch RDP port forwarding from Application Access and then the URL shortcut you created. 

Note: Your users can open the tunnel with the WebVPN and still use the Remote Desktop Client. Linux and Macintosh users will have to do this because Microsoft designed this for IE only. When using the RDP Client, enter in the field named Computer. Mac users can get the RDP Client from the Microsoft site. Linux users can get an RDP client too.TSWEB Connection Through CISCO SSL VPN

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