Set OS X Folder View

Set the folder view (including subfolders) on Mac OSX

Have you ever tried to set the folder background or toolbar view and make it apply to sub folders? I spent hours on-line looking for this hidden feature, but couldn't find anything. I finaly stumbled across the solution when I was messing around with the Automator. Download this Automator to set your folder background or toolbar and apply the changes to sub folders. You have two options, copy the file named Set Folder Background to Applications and/or copy the file named Set Folder View to Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder.


Instructions for use:

Run the Set Folder Background application


or control click and choose Automator, then Set Folder View and choose a folder as seen below.


choose folder

Pick a folder to which you wish to apply changes


Pick a color and apply to sub folders


Look to the top right of the screen to watch the automator work.

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