Mobile Armor for OS X

Your Mac's security is at risk when you use a public WiFi or wired network (like a hotel or airport). I like to leave my Mac's firewall wide open when I'm at home because I'm lazy. I know most Mac users are lazy too because I see "John's Mac Book Pro" appear in the finder or "Suzie's Library" in iTunes when I'm on a public network. The Snow Leopard firewall is decent, but locking down a Leopard Mac takes more effort than I want to exercise when I'm on the road. I wrote this little apple script to make it quick and easy for me to lock down my Mac when traveling. To install it, just drag and drop to your Applications folder and execute, see the screen-shots below. 



Step 1.) Launch IPWManager



Step 2.) Authenticate


Choose security level

Step 3.) Choose SECURE or DEFAULT firewall rules. Choose DEFAULT to disable the enhanced firewall.



Step 4.) Acknowledge the IPFW Status Window (Click Done)

That's it, your laptop is now secured by a strict IPFW firewall built-in to the Mac OS. Just execute the IPFWManager again and choose DEFAULT to turn off the enhanced firewall.  


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