FCKEditor Spellchecker Fix

I installed the official FCKEditor module for WB, but the spellcheck button was disabled. I searched high and low for the instructions. I didn't find the instructions on the WB forum, but I added them there once I figured it out. Follow the simple instructions below to enable spellcheck on a Unix server. I applied this solution to WebsiteBaker 2.x running Apache 2.x on FreeBSD.

1.) Make a backup of the original file first!

2.) Open a console and change to directory: /modules/fckeditor/fckeditor

Using your favorite editor, open the file fckconfig.js

Find the line:

FCKConfig.SpellChecker = 'ieSpell' ; // 'ieSpell' | 'SpellerPages

Replace with:

FCKConfig.SpellChecker = 'SpellerPages' ;

3.) Change to directory: /modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/editor/dialog/fck_spellerpages/spellerpages/server-scripts

Using your favorite editor, open the file spellchecker.php

Remove the line:

$aspell_prog = '"C:\Program Files\Aspell\bin\aspell.exe"';

Find the line:

$aspell_prog = 'aspell';

Replace with the full path of aspell:

$aspell_prog = '/usr/local/bin/aspell';

The example of the aspell path above is for FreeBSD. To find your aspell path, just type which aspell in your shell. If you want to make this easy on yourself, just download the mod I made for FreeBSD from the Download section.


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