Iphone Ringtones
  All Your Base Are Belong To Usdownloads: 230 | type: m4r | size: 1017 kB
  Steve Ballmer Developers Remixdownloads: 212 | type: m4r | size: 230 kB
  Brow Down Armenian Pride Ringtonedownloads: 220 | type: m4r | size: 510 kB
General Unix
  VIA C3 Kerneldownloads: 1338 | type: gz | size: 2 MB

A compiled FreeBSD kernel that has been optimized for the VIA C3 CPU - IPFW and Dummynet enabled . 

  Tarupdownloads: 321 | type: gz | size: 499 Bytes

A simple backup script a list of files or folders passed from standard input. Useful for backing up stuff before you mess with it, like editing a file or contents of a directory.

  Rsyncd startup script downloads: 292 | type: gz | size: 515 Bytes

A Linux startup script for Rsyncd. Download this script, gunzip, chmod +x and then move it to /etc/init.d/rsyncd

  Laptop & Netbook Power Switcherdownloads: 278 | type: gz | size: 2 kB

Powerswitcher is a script that allows you to enable and revert power savings features on the fly.

  IPFW SSH Firewall monitordownloads: 371 | type: sh | size: 1019 Bytes

An ssh script that monitors failed login attempts and block the offending IP addresses for IPFW.

  IPFW Block Netsdownloads: 352 | type: sh | size: 156 kB

A bash script that loads IPFW rules to block entire net-blocks. Useful for blocking Nigeria or China for example.

  RHEL 5 vmware xorg conf filedownloads: 377 | type: txt | size: 31 kB

RHEL 5 xorg.conf for use with VMWare

  PHP Health Checkdownloads: 296 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

PHP script by the Kurgan that displays server stats like space available, memory usage & log file stats.

Mac OS X
  SSH Tunnel Helper (SSH VPN)downloads: 296 | type: dmg | size: 550 kB

Applescript that walks you through making a VNC or RDP connection through an SSH tunnel.

  IPFWManagerdownloads: 171 | type: dmg | size: 10 MB

An app that allows you to toggle the IPFW firewall on or off

  Burn Something downloads: 307 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

An automator that prompts you for files to burn to CD or DVD. 

  File Renamerdownloads: 294 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

An automator that will rename your files every which way from Sunday.

  Change Casedownloads: 316 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

An automator to change the case (upper or lower) of one or more files.

  New Text Filedownloads: 341 | type: zip | size: 2 kB

An automator that creates a new empty text file. That is a function I like about Windows, GNOME and KDE which is missing in OS X.

  Create Symlinkdownloads: 392 | type: zip | size: 2 kB

An automator that creates a symlink in the Finder.

  Combine PDF Documentsdownloads: 312 | type: zip | size: 145 kB

An OS X Automator that combines multiple PDF files into one.

  Set Folder Backgrounddownloads: 302 | type: zip | size: 153 kB

An Automator app and an automator workflow contextual menu. Both automator options help you apply view options to a folder and subfolders.

  Attach and e-maildownloads: 312 | type: zip | size: 702 kB

 An OS X Automator that will attach a file to email for you without you having to open

Website Baker
  Boxy White Templatedownloads: 325 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

Website Baker template suitable for a simple blog or news-like website. Have a look at the sample page.

  Bluey Reduex Templatedownloads: 331 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

A template for use with Website Baker. The template used for this site.

  Terminal Templatedownloads: 316 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

Website Baker template that has the look of an old green screen. Have a look at the sample page.